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Month: July 2016

Is working in an office really as unhealthy as smoking?

Well yes sitting down for eight hours a day is slowly killing you and shortening your lifespan equivalent to being a smoker. Sitting for hours without any activity in the office and then coming home and slumping in front of the television is a ticket to an early grave so the experts are telling us. Good news is physical activity doesn’t mean high intensity training in the gym or running 5km every day. It means movement. but with some exertion e.g. do some chair squats, lunges, chair push-ups,  – who cares… Read more Is working in an office really as unhealthy as smoking?

Older Men still being over tested for prostate Cancer – An NYT article

Did you know in USA it is recommended that men over 75 do not have prostate PSA testing. Why? Because even if you have prostate cancer(a non aggressive type) it is so slow to progress  you will most likely  die from something else. Read this short article for more information on why testing in older men is not recommended.   If you can’t access this article, let me know and I will forward it to you.

Five life-changing reasons to loose your belly fat

Five life-changing reasons to loose your belly fat Belly fat gets a bad rap, but why? Well the fat around your belly is not  inert. Every fat cell is busy communicating with the rest of our body reinforcing a poor state of health that has implications on your future and what you die from. Belly fat causes low grade inflammation; it produces hormones that affect appetite and fat storage,  it impairs  energy metabolism  and belly fat is associated with insulin resistance, depressed mood and chronic stress to name a few.… Read more Five life-changing reasons to loose your belly fat

Dead Probiotics still work!

  Dead Probiotics still work! Yes it is sort of hard to believe dead bacteria still had the same benefits as live ones. However an associate of mine gave me a good idea why this could be. Humans have been living with dead bacteria for thousands of years. They are in our gut , on our skin and all around us so in it  makes sense our bodies would recognise and react to dead bacteria. The study in this post (see abstract below) reinforces the reported health benefits from using… Read more Dead Probiotics still work!

Do you suffer from morning sickness? Chinese herbs can really help

Well over half of all women experience morning sickness during pregnancy, usually beginning around the 6th week and ending after the twelfth week of pregnancy. Some Chinese herbs commonly used to relieve vomiting, nausea and morning sickness are:- Ginger (Sheng Jiang)– Fresh ginger is a common herb used in Chinese medicine to help digestion and it can help alleviate symptoms of morning sickness. Cardamon Seed  (Shan Za) – Cardamon is a very effective herb for treating morning sickness and is an ideal herb for morning sickness due to the additional… Read more Do you suffer from morning sickness? Chinese herbs can really help