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Month: June 2012

Chinese herbs and Sore Throat

A Clinical Study for herbal remedy for Sore throat (Acute Pharyngitis)  Study: Hu SY, Ma R, Liu HP. A study for clinical efficacy of “Ertong Qingyan Jiere Koufuyie” in the treatment of acute pharyngitis. Location: China Treatment Herbal formulation called Ertong Qingyan Jiere Koufuye was given to treatment group Medical Condition Acute Pharyngitis: Pharyngitis can result in very large tonsils that cause trouble swallowing and breathing. Pharyngitis can be accompanied by fever or cough Participants 106 acute pharyngitis patients with “Feiwei fever” TCM signs, in hospital/out-patient = 72/34 cases. Treatment… Read more Chinese herbs and Sore Throat