About the Clinic

Mind body is one unified system. Our emotions and feelings alter our body functions and our body affects how we feel and act. Evidence for this in abundance, for example we have two brains. One in our head and one in our digestive system. There are around 500 hundred million neurons embedded in and around the tubes of our digestive system and they are  everywhere , in the oesophagus all the way to the anus. The brain and the gut are constantly communicating and regulating each other. This is why a healthy functioning digestive system is vital for a clear stable mind and a calm and happy frame of mind helps digestion and our bowels to function properly.

Many common diseases and health concerns involve changes in both our brain and our gut. Depression , fatigue , chronic sleep problems or anxiety, IBS, Crohn’s disease, SIBO are not simple diseases with a single cause. These debilitating health problems involve many systems regulated by our guts and brains.

There is no system within our body that operates independently and it is because of this we have to look beyond the disease to the person. Here at the Gut Brain Clinic the focus is on you, not your disease.




James Middlewood is  qualified Chinese medicine herbalist and acupuncturist with a back ground in psychotherapy.  He is also a enthusiastic researcher and scientist.  He has a special interest in the connection between the gut and our brain as well as the impact of these critical organs of all aspects of our health and well-being. James believes the best medicine is one that can be tested by science but has origins in tradition. He believes medicine must be more than a remedy. Medicine is treating the person.


  • Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
  • Bachelor of Human Change and Counselling from Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Health and Disease Prevention from University of California


Other Professional Training

  • Stress, Inflammation and Hormones – Los Angeles , Dr Daniel Weber 2017
  • Diabetes a Global Overview – University of Copenhagen, 2017
  • Microbiome and Spectrum of Diseases – Dr Daniel Weber, 2017
  • Bacteria and Chronic infections – University of Copenhagen, 2016
  • Biology of Cancer – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • Understanding Prostate Cancer – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • Understanding Cancer metastasis  – John Hopkins School of medicine, 2017
  • GROW Coaching – Jansen Newman Institute, 2008
  • Prosci Change Management – Being Human , 2009
  • Similarities and differences in Coaching and Psychotherapy – Jansen Newman Institute , 2009
Association Memberships
  • ATMS